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1. What does vastu shastra for home mean?

Vaastu shastra for home is a traditional and ancient form of Indian Architecture that proposes to use the benefits of nature, its energy fields, and elements in a scientific way to enhance wealth, happiness, and health in our living space. Although it may not be absolute for your home, it’s the science of the environment around you to enhance your daily life. It creates an energy around you that revitalizes the energy in your body and your mind.

One of the most important Vastu tips for homeowners and buyers is the direction of the main entrance. Vastu Tips for home entrance suggest that the main door of the house is regarded as a gateway for good energy, so make sure you make it Vastu-friendly. For example, if the door is facing the south, place a pyramid or a helix near it.

2. Does Vastu matter?

Although Vastu for home may not be an inevitable or essential part of living, it does, however, enhance your experience. Abiding by Vastu tips leads to a healthier and fuller life due to an influx of good energy. It is the science of the environment that you live in and tuning it to maximize the inflow of good energy and minimize the bad. The energy in your environment directly links that of your mind, making it an important part of your living space.

3. What are the auspicious days on which one should book a house?

Buying a house is quite a huge event in a person’s life, both financially and emotionally. Therefore, getting the perfect and the most auspicious day to make your property registration profitable and prosperous is important. The auspicious day to book a house depends on a variety of factors and differs from person to person. It is, however, common to observe a Shubh Muhurat based on the holy Panchanga or an auspicious timeline within which you should book your home.

It is also important to follow Vastu for home. Vastu Shastra for home is a set of auspicious principles based on the optimum alignment and directions to maximize prosperity and good fortune.

4. How important is the 'facing' of a house? According to Vastu, a house should face which direction?

As per Vastu Shastra for home, the facing of a house is really important as the placement ensures an easy path for good fortune and prosperity to enter your home. A north-east-facing home is quite ideal according to Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu, north, east, and northeast facing homes are the most ideal and auspicious for your home. Contrary to popular myths, a west-facing home is also a great choice as it invites success and fortune to the youth living in the house.

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