Rustomjee, a leading real estate developer and builder in Mumbai, offers premium residential and commercial properties spread across Mumbai and Thane.
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The Rustomjee work philosophy is based on the fundamental beliefs / Values / way of life / Code of Conduct / moral codes espoused by the founding fathers and reinforced over a period of time through work practices , specific initiatives like a visioning exercise , the decisions making process, rewards , reprimands and recognitions.

The four pillars of rustomjee culture

1) Rustomjee Leadership Focus

The senior leadership Team of the company has articulated the company’s vision, mission, Values and Competencies at the company level which is presented elsewhere.

The Vision & Value reinforcement exercise was carried out at an off site attended by 80 of the senior Team members as the leadership Team realized that as the company leap frogs into yet another growth phase there was a need to revisit and articulate the company’s vision ; making sure that the foundation is burly / sturdy & tough.

To quote Mr. Boman Irani, the CMD of the company;

We are on a journey , a journey of excellence. This is a journey where the destination can never be reached as the journey of excellence has no finishing line. As you take the company forward, it’s our bounden duty to articulate the set of laws which in this case are the Values and requisite competencies. These values, once practiced and reinforced will become part of our culture :- the way we do things : the way we behave.

Rustomjee Values

  • Customer focused
  • Integrity
  • Commitment to deliver
  • Long Term partnership

2) Rustomjee People Practices

The Company’s people practices are influenced by the Articulated Values. They help reinforce the culture continuously.

a) Perfomance Focus

A collectively evolved PMS (Performance Management System) with its elements: - a robust Goal setting exercise with linkages to company vision, performance appraisals, compensation linked to performance, rewards and recognitions linked performance and demonstrated competencies.

The Company has

  • A Job Description for each Role
  • A KRA sheet for each person
  • A Transparent Appraisal System
  • The last increment proposals for the company, for its 400 members was generated by the HR Team as part of the Appraisal process and approved by the directors.
  • It’s only the best that is recruited. The better amongst them are retained and developed.

b) Trust & reliability

The lowest ever attrition level in the sector is the proof that Trust begets trust. And it’s a two way lane. A truly people driven organization, the transparency in its decision making process & adherence to the systems & processes reinforces the trust.

c) Professional Ethics

There have never been any compromises on issues of integrity and honesty in professional dealings and fair dealings in the company. The company encourages work force diversity. Men & women: of all regions / religions , of all age groups work shoulder to shoulder .

d) Team Focus

The monthly leadership Meetings, Company Annual day celebratioions sports & events for employees & children, Long Service Award Functions & internal customer focus that is being emphasized, Departmental Picnics , get together , team meetings & deliberations help in building the team spirit , besides assessment of each person every year on Team orientation which is a company level competency.

e) Continuous Learning

Learning at Rustomjee is an individual initiative. But the Horse is always taken to the fresh, ever flowing streams to sip, slurp & imbibe knowledge. The on boarding initiatives, identification of learning needs through the appraisal process ,multiple source feedback for the leadership Team, competency assessment & feedback, weekly learning sessions, are a few of the initiatives that promotes learning.

3) Process Focus

Ever aspect of the work life at Rustomjee is governed by processes and systems while efforts are made to ensure that the company does not become a slave to process adherence that stifles speed & innovation. The discretionary authority that is vested with the managers ensures this.

4) Societal Involvement

The collective responsibility of the organization to the larger society is encouraged / reinforced / complemented in myriad ways; be it the educational initiatives of the group, teachers recognition thru the "Unsung heroes, no more" initiatives, sponsorship of Akansha initiatives, sponsorship of tribal children for education through 'Vedhi'

Leading the change, Building the culture.

As Mr. Percy Chowdhry, company’s director put it the all hands meeting held at Le meridian We need to lead the change in the sector. We have to create the future. Organization building is never possible with out articulating the values, living the values, practicing the values, reinforcing them, rewarding & recognizing them. The culture is a by product of values & practices & Competencies. Taking a cue from there the HR team of the company evolved the company wide competencies that every single Rustomite should possess, cultivate, learn & enhance proficiencies.


  • Achievement orientation

    – Going beyond what is normally expected of the role or minimum expected of the job. Seeks / sets stretched / demanding targets for oneself. Eager to be involved

  • Team Orientation

    – Encourages collaboration & co-operation in the team to work towards a common goal - Contributes to the team KRAs, resolves conflicts & raises team’s energy levels

    – Sets challenging targets, monitors performance & development needs. Creates growth opportunities, develops competencies of team members & guides behaviors

  • Credibility

    – Is perceived as some one who upholds the Rustomjee brand promises (known to self or otherwise)

    – Considered honest, dependable and forthright. Trusted by Seniors, colleagues and subordinates

    – Sticks to timelines decided

  • Self direction

    – Able to carry on, once the responsibility is assigned

    – Seeks out alternatives

    – Consults others, if additional inputs are needed.

  • Commitment to Learning

    – Knowledge and Skills beyond, once assigned tasks

    – Keen to and gets involved in cross-functional teams and contributes substantially

    – Will contribute in a different area or is capable of quickly developing requisite skills

  • Customer Centricity

    – Ability & the resolve to delight the customer in every way possible through Quality Orientation & Attitude of Service

These, then are the Bed rock of culture , which has the pride of place in Keystone. We also make money !!!

Team HR @ Rustomjee

Rustomjee is a great place to work at, where your voice is heard and your opinion valued. Every employee is considered an important and respected part of the team and is given great challenges, which only means greater opportunities at growth. We’re as selective about the people we want on the team as you are about the people you want to work with.

Position Experience Role  
Assistant Manager/ Manager - Financial and Business Planning, Budgeting, MIS and Analysis MBA (Finance) with 3-4 years of experience Preparation of Weekly and Monthly Reports, Monthly Variance analysis for business review meetings, Tracking of Actual vs Budgeted numbers, Assisting in Annual Budgeting and Quarterly Forecasting Process, Co ordinating with various stakeholders for same Apply
Financial Controller CA with 8-10yrs Taking care of the Business Plan & Financial Reporting, Forecast and Manage Cash Flows, Quarterly Closure and Annual Accounts Finalisation. Apply
All CVs should have photo on them
Position Experience Role  
Executive/ Sr. Executive/ Assistant Manager/ Manager - Direct Sales 1 - 10 years Meet Prospects at site - Explain & show product development. Followup calls to generate re-visits. And do closures. Apply
Executive/ Sr. Executive/ Assistant Manager/ Manager - Channel Sales 1 - 10 years (a) Increase unique Channel Partners contributing to business; (b) Increase walkins / prospecting customers from Channel Partners; (c) Contribute to revenue from Channel business for organization Apply
Executive/ Sr. Executive - Direct Sales (Virar) 1 - 4 years Meet Prospects at site - Explain & show product development. Followup calls to generate re-visits. And do closures. Apply
Assistant Manager - Channel Sales (Virar) 5-6 yrs To nurture/service Channel Partners, sourcing and closing Channel Partner leads to achieve the Sales targets Apply
Assistant Manager - CRM (Virar) 5-6 yrs Responsible for banking relationships/collection and possession formalities, to achieve collection targets, tie-ups with financial institutions/banks, database management, team handling Apply
Senior Executive - CRM (Virar) 3-4 yrs Responsible for banking relationships/collection and possession formalities Apply
Senior Executive - Sales Support (Virar) 3-4 yrs To execute the Online RERA Agreement and for RERA updation Apply
Executive - Sales Support (Virar) 0-1 yr To assist the execution of the Online RERA Agreement and for RERA updation Apply
Executive - Front Office (Virar) 0-1 yr Managing all communications, maintaining the Show Flat and Customer area through Admin team Apply
All CVs should have photo on them
Position Experience Role  
Senior Manager/ AGM - Estimation 15 - 18 years Estimation / Tendering / pre-post Contract acumen for commercial issues, with the ability to interact/negotiate with Contractors / Sub Contractors. He / she would have to prepare early stage budgets, detailed cost plans and perform risk & value management and cost control. The incumbent would have to analyze results / output and prepare detailed progress report, must be well versed with regulation of local authorities. Sound knowledge of MS office applications is required. Apply
All CVs should have photo on them
Position Experience Role  
Junior Landscape Architect 4-5 years Execute the landscape plans, design and manage open spaces. Provides innovative and aesthetically- pleasing environments for people to enjoy, while ensuring that changes to the natural environment are appropriate, sensitive and sustainable. Currently working with any landscape architectural firms – (Site Concepts, Site Techtonix etc). Knowledge of Horticulture and Ecology is a must. Master’s in Arch (Landscape) + B-Arch Apply

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