How to Keep Your Luxury Home Cool in Mumbai’s Summers?

April 1, 2022 by Rustomjee
Tips To Keep Your House Cool During Summer
April 1, 2022 by Rustomjee

Keeping your luxury apartments in Mumbai cool is the key to having a comfortable summer this year. With temperatures soaring over 40, heat waves across the state and the weather being extremely humid makes summers pretty uncomfortable for Mumbai residents. Beat the heat by making sure that your luxury flat in Mumbai stays cool for the summer. Since keeping an apartment cool is not just about purchasing air conditioners and coolers, it is important to take note of the infrastructure and planning acumen of your property developer. Mumbai does not get a considerable winter season, so flats need to be built to make sure that the residents stay cool and comfortable, in whichever configuration they decide to purchase. So it is important that before you purchase a flat, you make sure that the developer is a reputed one when it comes to constructing luxury apartments in Mumbai. If you are interested in everyday hacks and tips to keep your flat cool for the summer, do keep reading for some essential hacks!

Invest in the Right Technology

One of the best things that you can do for your house in the long term is do your research and get the right technology for your house. In Mumbai, extra space is a luxury that not a lot of people can afford, so it is important that you purchase cooling gadgets that are space efficient. For example, instead of getting multiple coolers for the living room, invest in a good quality split AC that follows sustainable power consumption standards that is both economical and efficient in keeping your main living area cool and airy.

Open Your Windows

Well, this might seem like a very simple hack, but to our surprise, a lot of times during summers, we keep the windows and balcony doors shut to prevent the flow of hot air into the apartments. Well this might be true during the hot afternoons, and mid-mornings, it is advisable that you should open your windows and doors from time to time to let fresh air come in. Heavy reliance on air conditioners can actually do more harm than good, as you are not breathing in fresh air, and makes the living space more suffocated and stuffy.

Invest in Blinds

Now that you have been cautioned against closing up your windows and balconies for too long, here is a hack that can prevent the hot gusts of winds and the herd hitting afternoon rays of the sun. Do invest in good quality blinds that are easy to use during the day. Blinds are an excellent way to keep your rooms cool and breezy yet blocking away the hard sunshine from your living areas. It is a better alternative to keeping your windows shut for most of the time, as it does the job of keeping the room cool yet preventing it from becoming stuffy!


It is important to note that for long periods of time our cooling gadgets are not in use and can stop working at their peak condition. It is important therefore to regularly maintain and repair our gadgets to help them to work in their peak condition. ACs that are not repaired might be heating up the space rather than cooling it when they are not maintained properly.