5 Reasons Why Space Planning in Homes is Important

November 29, 2021 by Rustomjee
November 29, 2021 by Rustomjee

Property in Mumbai is notorious for its matchbox size apartments and dearth of open spaces. However, through the pandemic we have had to learn the hard way that our home needs to be our sanctuary, it needs to be the place where you and your family can thrive, both physically and emotionally. Having an open space at home is an important facilitator of both emotional and physical health as open space invites fresh air and it can be used as your very own nook for some yoga, fitness or just to sit and read a book. Here’s why we think you should look for builders in Mumbai that pay attention to the importance of space planning in homes –

  1. Recreational Space- Being stuck at home for the past 2 years has made us realize that having an open space at home is very important for your mental and physical health. More importantly, having a space where your kids can play or do fun art projects, or where the grandparents can stroll- is an important necessity. For parties, having an open space is important for the memorable toasts and the fun party games you can have in that space!
  1. A Healthier Family Life- Developers in Mumbai can sometimes misuse the space of a unit leading to more unnecessary walls and corridors in areas where they should be just kept untouched. Physical walls can disrupt communication, and an open space invites families to sit together and share stories, walls just hinder that. An open space breeds conversation and important family bonding that leads to healthier family life.
  1. Declutter- Decluttering your living space can free up enough room for an open space at home. More often than not, we pile up our space with unnecessary furniture and decor that eats up the precious space which is quite a luxury when it comes to property in Mumbai. Instead, minimal furniture and decor can look equally elegant and add some much-needed space to your apartment!
  1. Organization- Space planning is quite important for a property in Mumbai as we have to make do with limited space and quite a lot of possessions. In doing so, we pile up and hoard important files and documents in forgotten corners and nooks. That’s where space planning comes in, organizing and planning an area at home where you can store your important files and documents, or having a space where you can store important kitchen utensils or perishables can help you remember and easily reach these items whenever necessary.
  1. Usage Of Space- An important thing to remember when purchasing a property in Mumbai is that you can judge the work of developers in Mumbai just by seeing how they use space or plan the layout of your unit. With new RERA norms making this a more transparent affair, you can actually see the usable space in your apartment before you purchase it. They are required to give you an accurate estimate of the living space of your apartment, and just by a look, you can judge your developer’s efficiency when it comes to dealing with space. Are they wasting the space to build unnecessary hallways, are the living spaces cramped, are there too many walls, is precious square footage dedicated to unnecessary corridors? You need to ask these questions about space planning before you purchase property as this layout can determine a lot about your quality of living as open space facilitates the circulation of air and light in your apartment!