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Rustomjee Central Park Business Spaces

Andheri-Kurla Road, Chakala, Andheri (E)

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    Spaces from 497 sq ft. to 1291 sq ft.
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  • Rs. 2.28 Cr (All Incl.)


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Being located in the fast-developing commercial district of Andheri East is a wise decision. With office spaces in Andheri, you'll be well-connected to the Western Express Highway, metro station, and domestic and international airports. Rustomjee Central Park is surrounded by luxury hotels, healthcare facilities, multinational corporations and industrial hubs, making it one of the most promising business districts in Mumbai.

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Sanjay Puri

J P Enterprises


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Property Details

Rustomjee Central Park Business Spaces is a popular commercial hub located on Andheri-Kurla Road, Chakala, Andheri (East), Mumbai. It offers exceptional office spaces to fulfil the diverse business needs in one of Mumbai's prime business districts.

The Rustomjee Central Park Business Spaces property is situated in Andheri East, which is known for its connectivity and lively business environment. It is near major transport hubs like the Western Express Highway, airports, metro stations, etc.

Keep reading to learn more about this commercial property!

Rustomjee Central Park Business Spaces Details

Rustomjee Central Park Business Spaces offers many different types of office spaces that are pleasing to the eye while being useful. Sanjay Puri Architects fashioned this architecture to incorporate highly advanced design principles into the workspace atmosphere.

  • Available Office Spaces from 497 sq. ft. to 1291 sq. ft.

The building offers convenience through spacious office rooms ranging from 497 square feet to 1291 square feet, fulfilling different needs and requirements of professionals. 

  • MahaRERA Registration Number: P51800009904

This registration ensures that the property complies with Maharashtra's real estate laws. It also brings openness and dependability to prospective tenants or buyers in the busy business area of Andheri East in Mumbai.

Who Will Benefit from Rustomjee Central Park?

This commercial space is in high demand because it is located in a strategic area and has good facilities that provide comfort to the entire customer. Therefore, it serves a variety of customers, including businessmen and women, start-up entities, and corporates who are looking for advanced office space in Andheri, Mumbai.

Unique Features

  • Grand Entrance with a Modern Aesthetic: The Rustomjee Central Park Business Property features an excellent entrance designed to leave a lasting impression on visitors and tenants alike.
  • High-Speed Elevators for Smooth Access: High-speed elevators ensure efficient vertical transportation, enhancing convenience for occupants and visitors.
  • Flexible Floor Space for Various Business Needs: The layout at Rustomjee Central Park Business Property is highly adaptable, catering to different business needs and enabling easy space utilisation.

Luxury Features

  • Sufficient Parking Space: The Rustomjee Central Park Business Property provides ample space for parking. Hence, if there is a meeting in your office, many people can park their respective cars at the parking lot without hassle.
  • Advanced Security Systems: Security has been highly prioritised at Rustomjee Central Park Business Property. They have state-of-the-art systems to ensure the safety of occupants and their assets.
  • Employee-Friendly Amenities (Cafeteria, Lounge Areas): To improve the working ambience in the business space, plenty of advanced amenities like cafeterias and lounge areas have been provided by Rustomjee Central Park, promoting comfort for employees.

Community and Exclusivity

  • Business Community at Rustomjee Central Park: Rustomjee Central Park fosters a vibrant business community that attracts hundreds of thousands of professionals from diverse sectors.
  • Architectural and Design Excellence by Sanjay Puri: Renowned architect Sanjay Puri's design ensures top-notch architectural excellence, combining aesthetics with modernity.
  • Partners Involved in Design and Construction: The involvement of reliable partners in design and construction ensures best-in-class craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Work Environment

  • Spacious Office Layouts with Natural Lighting: The office spaces at Rustomjee Central Park Commercial Property are located in a strategic region where they can receive the maximum natural light, creating a pleasant and productive work environment.
  • Provisions for Future Scalability:Flexibility in design facilitates future expansion or adaptation according to emerging business requirements.
  • Environmental Sustainability Features: The property integrates sustainable practices, which contribute to environmental conservation and reduce operational costs.

Comprehensive Services

  • Property Management: Professional management services at Rustomjee Central Business Park Business Spaces Property ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of the property.
  • Personalised Office Space Options: Flexible leasing options and customisable office spaces cater to businesses' specific needs, facilitating growth and operational efficiency.
  • Leasing and Financial services: Rustomjee Central Park Business Spaces Property provides leasing and financial services to help businesses better navigate real estate transactions.

Location Benefits

Andheri East is known for its vibrant business sector, attracting a wide variety of industries and creating growth opportunities. The convenient access from Rustomjee Central Park Business Space to major transportation routes improves connectivity and makes it easier for businesses to operate and interact with clients.

Also, being close to luxury hotels and healthcare facilities, Rustomjee Central Park is considered an ideal commercial space for business activities and employee benefits.

So, these are all you need to know about Rustomjee Central Park Business Spaces and its significance. Now, you can easily check out its designs, features, amenities, etc., and buy your own commercial property at Central Park, Andheri East, Mumbai.

For further information, fill out the inquiry form at You can also visit our corporate office at Andheri - Kurla Road, Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra: 400093, or contact us.

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