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Just some of the perks of having best friends for neighbours.

The Rustomjee Rewards Club Program is a unique offer that allows you to introduce your friends and family to the joys of a Rustomjee home and earn some enviable rewards. Invite your best friends for our music nights, movie screenings or cricket matches, to introduce them to the Rustomjee way of life. All you need to do is get in touch with us. We always look forward to welcoming more members into the Rustomjee family.

Member Privileges

Let’s just say, you’ll find a whole new reason to throw your neighbours a welcome-to-the-neighbourhood party.


Now having friends live right next door to you is rewarding in more ways than one. With Rustomjee Rewards Club Program, you get to enjoy a whole lot of membership privileges:

  • Choose who your neighbours are
  • Enjoy special previews of our new projects
  • Be the first to know about our offers
  • Get exclusive invites for our events

How does it work?

Step 1

Click here to fill up the form, and write the name, email address and mobile number of your friends or family who wish to buy a Rustomjee home.

Step 2

Let us speak to your friends or family and introduce them to the world of Rustomjee.

Step 3

Once they make a Rustomjee home their address, you will enjoy a number of rewards.

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