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Why Rustomjee

Work and Life:

  • A career with one of the reputed real estate groups.
  • A learning path with tremendous growth opportunities.
  • A cross-functional and wide range of experience.
  • A highly engaging and fun-filled work culture.
  • A workplace where you can experience both autonomy and ownership.
  • A place where you can create internal growth opportunities across projects and entities.
  • A company that believes in performance and potential management.
  • A place where the entrepreneurial spirit is appreciated and rewarded.

High performance focus ensured through:

An extensive search in Talent Acquisition with cross-sector hiring

Employee engagement policies for talent management

Learning and development initiatives

Performance management through periodic reviews and feedback mechanism

Rewards and recognition

Learning and Development Initiatives

The secret to our success: we never stop learning.

At Rustomjee, we conduct various Learning and Development initiatives throughout the year for our workforce, to empower and enhance different skill sets, such as:

  • Training calendars.
  • Leadership series program to learn new leadership techniques.
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling) training for a know-how about a project’s life cycle.
  • Book of the Week to foster a culture of reading.
  • Time management and prioritisation workshops.
  • ETs program (GETs / PGETs / MTs) to introduce new hires to the organization culture, policies, give them a better onboarding experience, to help them understand their roles and responsibilities, and end-to-end business in a nutshell.
  • Full range of soft-skills trainings for Sales, Engineering and Business-enabling functions, and many more.

Fun At Work

Here, it’s all work and all play.

At Rustomjee, the office is our second home. In a good way. We celebrate birthdays, FUN-tastic Fridays, Women's Day, and festivals among others. While balancing work and play, we have created a great work culture that celebrates milestones as much as we celebrate chess tournaments.


My internship at Rustomjee was a valuable learning experience that allowed me to practice my applied learning skills in the real world. I was allowed to explore through designing, as well as taught the necessary technical knowledge. I was exposed to on-site work and site visits which is an integral part of my skill building. The architecture team was inclusive and encouraged my participation and suggestions. The internship gave me a great insight about the industry as an architect, and it was a fulfilling experience.

Triveni Sarda (Intern), Rizvi College of Architecture

The internship experience at Rustomjee I had was very interesting and productive. The workplace is amazing with supportive staff, who helped me learn new skills. Also, the given responsibilities made me more involved with the company’s mission. Personally, I can say that I have definitely developed more knowledge and confidence during my internship.

Kaustubh Mehta (Intern), Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Planning & Scheduling Department

At Rustomjee, I had an opportunity to pursue my summer internship. This internship experience was both valuable and helpful to me as a student and gave me the opportunity to look at accounting from an engineer’s perspective. I gained a new sense of professionalism and a clearer view of what it meant to be in the professional world. The growth, grit, and drive that helped me grow could not have been learned in a classroom. Sincere thanks for giving me an incredible experience.

Aadish Mahadik (Intern), Vellore Institute of Technology - Engineering Department

My 4-month internship at Rustomjee flew by as quick as a breeze. I say this because I feel I landed there at the right time, during the launch of their Prabhadevi property Crown. The entire journey was satisfying one, as I did not know the basics of Real Estate when I stepped in on the first day. But today I can confidently share the idea of the Real estate industry with anyone. I had the opportunity to not only work with Sales but also explore in the verticals of Marketing and Events! The entire team was supportive and also made me feel important, and not just as an intern.

Priyanka Vernekar (Intern), SP Jain - Sales Department

It’s been a huge privilege working with Rustomjee. Rustomjee has been a great enabler towards offering new opportunities and strengthening my inherent skill sets. With its rich and diverse organizational culture, Rustomjee endowed me with the best-in-class mentors. Rustomjee is truly an ‘Employer of Choice’. I treasure my association with Rustomjee and wish to accomplish new feats in the days to come.

Debangshu Banerji (Customer Relations), Pune Institute of Business Management

As a fresher, I got this amazing opportunity to work with India's leading real estate company - Rustomjee. I used to be shy and introverted, but this sales job at Rustomjee has taught me to become a better conversationalist through various sales techniques. Of course, I'm grateful to my peers and seniors for making me feel comfortable and enabling me to do the job more efficiently. I have accomplished a lot. This is a dream company for any individual who is looking forward to building a career in real estate sales.

Hardik Mehta (Sales), Aditya Institute of Management Studies & Research

I feel really grateful to be a part of the Rustomjee family. Since I hatched out of college, it has taken me under its wing. The best thing about Rustomjee is the plethora of opportunities that one gets to learn, not just in what you do but also in what you could do. The workforce is a mix of people of different skill sets and backgrounds which brings a multi-directional platter of opinions. I derive my zeal from the company’s approach being built strongly on new ideas; especially from the millennials in the company.

Shikha Mishra (Director’s Office), NMIMS MBA - Tech

I feel very proud to become a part of the team at Rustomjee. My career has taken off with the growth of the company. The extraordinary transfer of knowledge across the different streams of the project has benefitted not only me but also a lot of employees. I am really grateful to work in a place which enables us to reach greater heights. The superiors are really supportive and approachable.

Apurva Tomar (Sales), NMIMS MBA - Tech

I have been working with Rustomjee since 2018, the company's open approach builds trust in its employees. Since joining Rustomjee I've learned so many new things, colleagues taught me about the industry and shared their experiences of Real Estate with me. I always believe that working with Rustomjee has enhanced my skills that will enhance my career growth. I will always be thankful to Rustomjee for giving me this opportunity to grow not only within the organization but also as a person.

Arun Yadav (Engineering), NICMAR - Pune

From the first day at my office, I was given the accountability and responsibility for my job. The environment in the organization is vibrant, fast-paced and cooperative which has helped a fresher like me to become a better professional as well as individual. The thing which stands apart for Rustomjee is that "We care" philosophy. We care for our customers, colleagues and all other stakeholders. At Rustomjee, we are a family and it's great to be a part of it. Proud to be a Rustomite.

Vishal Sinha (Accounts & Finance), XIMB

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