Why are Gated Communities the Most Favoured Choice for Living?

April 8, 2022 by Rustomjee
Gated Communities in Mumbai
April 8, 2022 by Rustomjee

Property in Mumbai is notorious for its exorbitant prices and tiny living spaces. In a fastly growing cosmopolitan, it is becoming increasingly difficult for citizens to find the perfect home to help them escape the fast-paced lifestyle of Mumbai. Prospective homebuyers often have to sacrifice one thing in their wish list when buying or renting a home in Mumbai. Many times we have to choose between the price and location, the amenities and lifestyle, or sometimes we just have to give in because it is the only option that you have. However, with the advent of gated communities, luxury flats in Mumbai are truly proving that they can have it all and more! Property developers like Rustomjee, are creating landmark gated communities in and around Mumbai catering to diverse customers and providing them with the taste of luxury and security in a crowded space like Mumbai. Here’s why gated communities truly are a favourable choice for living-

  • A gated community essentially refers to a residential colony or community that contains entrances and entry points that are strictly controlled for all outside vehicles and pedestrians and is characterised by protective walls and fences to separate it from the neighbourhood. They contain small quarters, amenities, parks or streets that are only used by the residents staying in those gated communities.
  • Gated communities like those developed by Rustomjee in Prabhadevi, Juhu and Thane are catering to a wide group of customers. Prabhadevi and Juhu are two of the most luxurious and premium suburbs of South Mumbai enjoying prime locational advantage, an excellent cohort of restaurants and social amenities and also one of the rare privileges of green open spaces. Gated communities in these suburbs offer the most premium amenities like an olympic sized pool, multipurpose courts, al fresco dining, and much more. In upcoming suburbs like Thane, gated communities offer a township style living with all the amenities- luxury and basic are within reach of the resident. At Rustomjee Uptown Urbania, Thane experiences the duality of convenience and luxury as you enjoy a rooftop lounge while staying 2 minutes away from your child’s school!
  • A gated community in Mumbai is truly a luxury for people, especially in the most premium suburbs of Mumbai. For Rustomjee Crown in Prabhadevi, and Rustomjee Elements in Juhu, a luxury flat in Mumbai in these gated communities is truly the most opulent addition to a decorated portfolio!
  • Gated communities come with a series of advantages for prospective homebuyers. The first thing that comes to mind is supreme standards of security. Enjoy a full night of sleep in your lavish apartment, without worrying too much about security in a gated community. Second, there are a host of amenities that come with living in a gated community so rest assured that you will not have to step outside a lot to have a good time!