Uptown Urbania: A Walkthrough Of The Architectural Marvel That These Homes Are

January 31, 2022 by Rustomjee
Architectural Marvels in Uptown Urbania
January 31, 2022 by Rustomjee

Rustomjee Uptown Urbania has become the chosen home for over 12,00 families who build everlasting communities in a property that stretches over 16 million square feet. Rustomjee as a brand has rich years of experience, building projects that are breeding grounds for strong communities- which are pillars for a healthy society. There’s a reason why Rustomjee Uptown Urbania continues to be a trusted name not only when it comes to towering skylines, but also as a choice for someone’s dream family home. With our decorated and celebrated projects helming our storied past, Rustomjee yet again comes up with another great township project- Rustomjee Uptown Urbania.


  • Rustomjee Uptown Urbania reflects the highly developed suburb of Thane. It is truly one of the most well-designed, efficient, family-friendly, and spacious townships in Thane. With design input from leading child psychologists and behavioral scientists, Rustomjee Uptown Urbania Thane is just the place to raise and grow your family. With the philosophy of La Familia, this new project is not just the perfect place to grow your family, but it is the place to make ephemeral friendships, bringing back the good old times of community living with modern sophistication of state-of-the-art amenities.


  • With 3 imposing towers of 45 stories, a rooftop recreation center with all the luxurious amenities you could think of, Rustomjee Uptown Urbania is more than your family home- it is your personal oasis that equips you with an infinity pool, rooftop lounge, an al-fresco dining area, fern gardens- basically the best that money can buy! With landscaping done by one of the most celebrated firms, Coen, the rooftop recreational center is designed in such a way that provides opportunities for communities to come closer together!


  • The Rustomjee philosophy is that the consumer deserves perfection and their recent collaboration with Keppel Land is a testament to Rustomjee’s dedication to providing only the best to its residents. With a fantastic portfolio of many international landmark buildings, Keppel Land is bringing its renowned expertise to India, in a celebrated collaboration with Rustomjee to build an opulent, sustainable, and modern living space in one of the most rapidly growing cities of India- the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
  • Rustomjee’s innovative design thinking is what makes Rustomjee Uptown Urbania such a coveted property- the entire ground premises is a giant kid’s play area with a recreation and water park present within the premises. For your date with nature, head up to the 47th floor for your daily dose of fresh air at the Nature Walkway.


  • The homes are designed with dedicated open spaces and intelligent design that makes sure that you are getting the best use out of your apartment. And with the gorgeous panoramic views from your home, you’ll never get tired of the glittering skyline which is your everyday view!


Unearth the joys of modern community living at Rustomjee Uptown Urbania- the same trusted Rustomjee philosophy with a luxurious and elegant modern spin, invest in your dream home today!

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