Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A House In Thane

January 5, 2022 by Rustomjee
Buyer's Guide
January 5, 2022 by Rustomjee

In the last few years, Thane has shown incredible growth and is rapidly moving up to becoming one of the most influential and booming suburbs of Mumbai. Thane’s growth has been exemplary in all regards. Previously known for its ill-built roads, dearth of facilities, and opportunities, Thane has now become a hotbed for real estate investors clamoring to open up new projects in Thane. With one of the largest malls in India located here, and other massive projects in the pipeline, however, with all kinds of investments, proper caution should be exercised before taking the plunge and purchasing the property. Here’s what you should keep in mind by buying a house in Thane-

1. Location

Most of Thane’s growth and prosperity can be linked to the significance of the Ghodbunder Road which has now become the 20 km long stretch that connects the Western and Eastern expressway. This has made access to the rest of the city extremely comfortable. Flats in Thane located near this stretch have a supreme locational advantage that cuts their owner’s travel time considerably. Make sure that the property that you are investing in is taking advantage of these recent developments. Not just that, estimate your daily travel time to and from your office before purchasing the flat as the locational advantage is key if you want to get future returns on your investment.


2. Amenities

We are all well aware of the soaring prices of property in Mumbai and suburbs in and around Mumbai like Thane. Make sure that when you’re buying a property, you are also getting some built-in amenities. For example, Rustomjee Urbania, a well-planned township in Thane, boasts lavish amenities and facilities at its property. A fully-equipped spa, a high-tech gym, swimming pool, a tennis court, a modern business center, a kid’s playroom, and a mini theatre are all available at this property. For residents, craving lush greenery and natural sights can take a walk at their lush garden, or gaze at the starry night sky at the Stargazing deck or invite their friends for a cozy al fresco dinner. These amenities actually justify the soaring costs of your home so be sure that these are available within the property.


3. Builder’s Reputation

One of the prime reasons why trusting a reputed real estate developer makes sense as they have enough precedents to prove their mettle. A reputed real estate developer will have rave and trusted reviews from scores of home-buyers who have taken the plunge and bought homes in their property. Since real estate developers have well-established standards, good returns on investment, and lower defaults, banks would be more willing to provide loans for these projects as these projects are known to be sound financial investments with considerable projected returns. When you buy a property from a reputed real estate developer with assured quality, you increase your chances of getting a massive return on your investments. Real-Estate developers often build properties keeping in mind various locational advantages that might help you accrue higher returns later.


4. Pricing

Make sure that you get value for the price. Often inflated prices have little to show for their justification, so it is advised you make a comparative analysis of different price points. It is also important to reckon that Thane is still growing and that the prices are projected to soar in the coming years. Thane is an impressive district that has shown rapid growth in the last couple of years, with an astronomical rise in real estate, commercial and residential projects in Thane, with more efficient connectivity and transport. It is a fast-growing city that will show a sharp increase in the value of property in Thane as is evident in the dynamic changes in the real estate development in Thane. Ghodbunder Road which was previously very secluded is now prime real estate as it connects eastern and western expressways.

5. Security

The property should be guarded and should have 24×7 security. Security is one of the key metrics of judging the quality of a property as your family’s safety and privacy is a top priority. Make sure that the units are provided with modern security features such as an automated home security system. The rise of gated communities and townships like Rustomjee Urbania makes safety a top priority while developing these projects. Proper CCTV surveillance, 24×7 security, sophisticated home security measures are all important considerations to make when purchasing a property.