Humans of Rustomjee

March 11, 2022 by Rustomjee
Humans Of Rustomjee
March 11, 2022 by Rustomjee

Covid was a challenging time for people across the world. During this time, the world saw some dark and saddening moments, but these low points were truly uplifted by the instances of everyday bravery we saw all over the world. These flickers of hope were all we needed to see us through one of the most challenging and disconcerting times in the world. Talking about everyday acts of bravery, here at Rustomjee we see glimmering heroism in acts of kindness- small and large. During Covid, our residents and staff worked together to make sure that the vulnerable residents and people were safe from this disease, made sure their daily needs were met, and that they had someone to hold on to hold them over this pandemic.

The Crest team, Rustomjee’s property management team, thoroughly looked after residents’ needs and made sure that they had created a seamless channel for daily groceries, cleaning, and sanitizing equipment to come through. These challenging moments aroused some of the most memorable moments of bravery and kindness from our residents who made sure that they created a symbiotic relationship with the Crest staff to make sure everyone was safe.

Our Covid heroes are everyday residents whose valued contributions still echo in the minds of the recipients of their kindness and bravery. Mrs. Aparna Sumbre who is a resident of Rustomjee Seasons had noticed that cases of Covid within the property were rising at that time, so she made the proactive decision to anticipate the needs of the elderly citizens and made sure that their daily grocery needs were met with considerable help from the 80 people strong Crest management team who had shifted to the property during this time. Small acts of kindness like making tea for the Crest team or just being there for the Crest team, Mrs.

Sumbre is truly a reflection of Rustomjee Properties.

Rustomjee properties apart from being one of the premier developers in Mumbai, truly uphold their reputation of being thoughtful and community builders. During Covid, Rustomjee took the onus of delivering essentials and maintaining their high standards of living with their property management staff. Real estate companies in Mumbai often limit their service to the sale, and our commitment towards our customers goes beyond that. Apart from providing our customers with the foremost standards of living, we also believe in building ephemeral communities and townships that stand on the strong foundation of camaraderie and cooperation. It is this thought that has helped Rustomjee flourish in the past and continues to help it accelerate forward.

Living at Rustomjee does not mean that you are isolated to one part of your unit. When you live at Rustomjee, you create extended families that make sure they are there during good times and bad. The pandemic was tough on everyone, especially the first responders and emergency workers, who put themselves in harm’s way to deliver essential services to the common folk. Much like our Crest team that worked tirelessly to help all residents to get their essential goods, our residents showed their appreciation by making their lives easier, either by helping them out, or providing little pockets of peace- like evening chai, or making their food arrangements to help them carry out their important tasks. One such resident of note is Mr. Sunil Giri who helped the Crest team secure gas cylinders so that food could be cooked every day for the 80-people team that was working at the property during Covid.

To show their appreciation and to acknowledge the brave efforts of the Heroes of Rustomjee, we have created a series called Humans of Rustomjee that celebrate the valiant efforts of our staff and worthy residents. Here are some encouraging and positive videos that you can watch that will surely uplift your mood and cement your belief in everyday miracles!