A guide to choosing wall colours for each room of your house

October 4, 2021 by Rustomjee
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Wall Color Ideas for Every Room
October 4, 2021 by Rustomjee

Have a color scheme that matches your furniture, choose colors that make the space look bigger, and so on. Your home is your personal space and you should make it look nothing short of magical. Read this article for the perfect guide to choosing wall colors for your home!

  1. The Right Colour for Your Living Room – Your living area, is undoubtedly the most used and arguably the most important part of your home. This is where you host your effervescent parties or celebrate moments, big or small, therefore choosing the right colors for this room is an important decision to make! Picking earthy and neutral colors for this room is ideal like French Vanilla, cream, emerald green, or regular shades of beige and grey. These days many luxurious apartments in Mumbai are experimenting with darker colors to add a surprise element to the room.
  2. Transforming Your Dining Area– Your dining area is where you show off your culinary expertise, whipping up international cuisines or the delicious comfort of home food. This is where you have important meals with your family, bond with your kids and extended family, and connect over food. This is why we suggest you opt for a comfy, yet vibrant vibe for your dining room. Opt for warmer tones or hues of purple, green, and yellow, or jazz it up by adding a fun wallpaper!
  3. Your Customised Home Office– In an era of remote working, having a home office, customized to your likings and needs, helps make the tirade of endless Zoom calls less agonizing. Shades of light grey or white can help brighten up the room, with warmer shades acting as accent walls for a great backdrop for your computer. If you are more about boosting your inner psychological well-being and creative prowess, go for warmer and deeper tones of green, coral tones of peach, or bright shades of yellow which are sure to alleviate your mood.
  4. The Perfect Colour for Your Kid’s Room– The color of your kid’s room sets the tone and the theme of the room. Additionally, the correct choice of colours lends a calming presence to your room. If you are trying to go by a certain theme, then opt for lighter and softer hues of the chosen color. If you want to add a surprise element and add more color and vitality, make sure to go for brighter colors which will also enhance the natural light in the room.
  5. The Bedroom– The bedroom is your escape, it is where you retire to melt away the woes and stress of your daily life, it is where you take out time to do all the things you love-maybe read that book you have always wanted to read, watch that TV show that is making headlines, or just listen to soft music and get a comfortable night’s sleep, your bedroom is your oasis. This is why opt for calming colors, maybe a cool shade of blue or pastel shades of purple or pink, this will lend a soothing vibe to your room, reflecting the zen and tranquility you aspire to bring to this space.