8 Tips Every Luxury Home Buyer Should Know

February 25, 2022 by Rustomjee
Buyer's Guide
Luxury Home Buying Guide
February 25, 2022 by Rustomjee

If you are planning to buy a luxury home in Mumbai, you have already made it. Buying a home in Mumbai is a financially intensive process, and if you are looking to lock in one of the most opulent projects to mirror your success, then why not browse through the best residential projects in mumbai? When buying any property in Mumbai, whether it is luxury or otherwise, it is wise to have virulent checks before you signing it. After all, you are reaping the benefits of years of hard work, as buying from luxury projects in Mumbai does not come cheap. Your hard work deserves the most strongest quality checks, so here are some tips every luxury home buyer should know-

  1. When looking at 3 BHK apartments in Mumbai, it is always wise to check the utilisation of space and design of the apartment. Apart from the amenities and features of the home, you are also purchasing prime square footage, so make sure they have efficiently used precious sq.ft to optimise your living experience. According to new RERA norms, builders in Mumbai have to be more transparent about the usable space in your unit, so make sure to enquire after these specifications.
  2. When you are buying from the most luxury projects in Mumbai, it is wise to factor in the kind and quality of in-flat amenities that come with your property. Whether, it is more open space, built-in amenities, exquisite quality of flooring, finer detailing and craftsmanship, enquire after the brand partnerships the project has made. The quality and the finish given to you at the time of the handover should reflect the price tag!
  3. Examine if your shortlisted developers in Mumbai make family-friendly spaces. One of the most important indicators of quality is keeping in mind the needs of families as they call the properties their home. Is there enough space for my child to run around? Are there enough facilities and activities for children on the property? Is it near the best schools in Mumbai? All these questions should be at the back of your mind while looking at luxury projects in Mumbai.
  4. One of the prime reasons why trusting reputed real estate developers in Mumbai makes sense when purchasing a luxury flat in Mumbai is that they have enough precedents to prove their mettle. A reputed real estate developer will have rave and trusted reviews from scores of home-buyers who have taken the plunge and bought homes in their property. You can judge the current properties of a developer and compare and contrast before you make a decision, which is important while buying a house as it is quite a big monetary decision. Things like an efficient use of space, structural integrity, plumbing, wiring, etc, are important when deciding on the quality of the house, and real-estate developers with their years of experience strive to offer this gold standard in quality.
  5. Investing in a home is also investing in the right kind of neighbourhood. Gentry is one of the most important indicators of luxury and opulence of a project. With luxury properties, you know you are sharing your address with like-minded people. Purchasing homes from reputed real-estate developers make sure that the gentry in your neighbourhood is up to your high standards.
  6. What sets a luxurious home apart from a standard home? The amenities of course! When buying a luxurious property, you need to consider the quality of amenities that come with your home. Take Prabhadevi for example- Prabhadevi has a host of luxurious gated communities making your residence the talking point of all social events in the future. Gated communities like Rustomjee Crown offer you the ultimate luxurious living experience by providing over 5.75 expansive acres of lush green spaces to take the cool sea breeze in, right in the heart of Mumbai! With classy cabanas located within the property, a sunken court, a viewing gallery, an aroma garden, a solitary forest, and a cloud walk, your social circle will be raving about your property for days!
  7. Make sure that your dream 2 BHK flat in Mumbai is not lengthening your distance from well-renowned healthcare facilities. A luxurious project in a good locality ensures that the best of social infrastructure in Mumbai is within 5-10 minutes of your property. Whether it is about the best schools, best healthcare facilities or more, make sure that your property is near these facilities.
  8. Last but not the least, make sure that your property in Mumbai is well-connected. One of the features that make it luxurious is that you won’t have to be stuck in traffic anymore! Make sure it is closest to the well-connected roads, highways, and flyovers, cutting down your commute time so you can spend more time having dinner with your family in your own luxurious haven!