5 Ways To Decorate Your Home This Festive Season!

October 28, 2021 by Rustomjee
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DIY Home Decoration Tips
October 28, 2021 by Rustomjee

From DIY torans to setting up festive photo corners, here are some easy ideas for you to implement in your home this season.

Good Lighting Always Makes A Difference

Amp up the brightness and the divinity of the surroundings of your home by revamping the lighting in your house. Festivals are all about colors and light, let the joy of festivities reflect in your home through iridescent and luminous lighting. Opt for bright lamps, chandeliers, fairy lights, or even a small addition of LED lights can go a long way when it comes to illuminating your home. We often decorate our homes with fairy lights, and that choice is always a safe one, but if you are trying something new this year, investing in neon lights can also add a zany vibe to your home! Property in Mumbai comes with limited space, and one has to be very creative while using the space mindfully and good lighting is a perfect way to do that!

Add Something New

Purchasing something new always does not warrant a big transformation. It can be small, but it needs to create an impact. If you are planning to buy a new piece of furniture, try taking small steps. Don’t go all in and purchase a new sofa, bed, or cupboard. Take baby steps- buy perhaps a sofa and decide on an ideal location to place it in, focus on the upholstery of the sofa, decide on the kind of pillow covers you want to invest in for the festive season. Don’t spend your entire budget on furniture, save that for the next festive season! Further, projects in Mumbai that are coming up are very tight in space, which is why a whole lot of furniture can clutter the area. Almost all luxury flats in Mumbai have understated furniture, with one centerpiece, as it helps draw attention to one area. So this Diwali, choose a piece of furniture that you know will be the centerpiece of your home!

Glass Is The Way To Go

Glass is both eco-friendly and sustainable. As the conversation surrounding climate change and waste becomes more and more pronounced, we need to find small ways in our lives in which we can lessen our contribution to waste. Glass is a great material to choose from as it is quite trendy and is safer for the environment. Invest in mirrors and crockery units, jazz up your staircase by adding different sized mirrors, and lend a rustic vibe by investing in stained glass. You can also invest in a good-quality crockery glass set that can be the centerpiece of the table.

Festive Photo Corners

Festive photo corners are the way to go if you want to lend a personal touch to your decor. Start with selecting the decor you want- do you want to go for a floral theme? Or do you want to go for a more monochromatic theme? You can set up a backdrop using a long piece of fabric, or amp it up by selecting your favorite moments of the year and hanging it up in colorful frames!

DIY Torans

Make your own torans to start off your festive decorations at home. Here’s what you need to do-

  • You need corrugated box flaps about 6’’x 7’’ and 5’ x 6’ in size.
  • Draw two pentagons in the rectangles and cut the pentagon flaps and make sure that you are cutting one flap bigger than the other. Make 6 such flaps for your toran.
  • You can color the small flap using acrylic gold paint.
  • Next, take an A4 size paper and draw an ornamental floral design and trace the same design on the painted flap using carbon paper. Pain this design and let it dry.
  • Take the other flap of the corrugated sheet’s textured line side and paint it with the gold metallic color and let it dry.
  • Take some golden thread and needle and pass it through some colorful beads to make bead strands and make 6 such bead strands for the toran.
  • Take the flap with the design and stick it on the textured flap, with the beaded tassel, and sandwich some golden lace between the two. Secure them with fabric glue and you are good to go!

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