5 Advantages Of Having OpenSpaces Inside Your Property

January 5, 2022 by Rustomjee
Buyer's Guide
January 5, 2022 by Rustomjee

While new projects in Mumbai are quite notorious for its matchbox-style apartments, open spaces can be a reality if your flat is designed intelligently. Having an open space is crucial not just for the aesthetics, but for the overall health of your surroundings and your day-to-day activities. If there is anything that the pandemic has taught us is that having an open space at home that is multi-functional is key to optimizing work/school/play-from-home. Here are 5 reasons why you should have open spaces inside your property and look for builders in Mumbai who prioritise the same!

  • Great For Kids

    The pandemic forced adults and kids alike to spend their entire day constricted with 4 walls. While we adults could manage, taking playtime away from kids at this crucial age was quite saddening. Having an open space at home gives children enough space to run around, play with their toys and their friends. Physical exercise and activity are important for kids, especially in their growing age, and open space gives them the opportunity to do just that in their own way!

  • Great For Social Events

    When hosting the soiree of the season, having an open space can add to the glamour of your party. An open space can be a dance floor, a great place for a passionate conversation rekindling old memories, it can be a great place to toast to wonderful moments. An open space at a party can be used for multiple reasons. For a kid’s birthday party, it can be used as a play area, for a social and religious function, it can be used as the puja area, or for a home wedding, it can even be used as a mandap! The point is the multi-functionality of open space does come in handy when hosting important functions or parties at home!

  • Your Personal Haven

    A 9-5 job, taking care of the kids, making sure the household runs smoothly as adults we hone a number of roles. Self-care can get lost in the sea of responsibilities we have to fulfil. Having an open space at home helps us to find our zen at home. We can use the open space for an invigorating cardio session, or a relaxing yoga session, or just a zone for us to develop our hobbies. The open space at home can be our own personal oasis for us to develop a routine of self-care at home, as taking care of our mental and physical health is key if we are to fulfill all our responsibilities optimally.

  • Aesthetic Value

    An open space adds quite a considerable aesthetic value to your home and surroundings. Flats in Mumbai, notorious for having cramped living areas, can really benefit from having open spaces. It helps make the flat look larger, roomier, and exuberant. You can add to the aesthetic by adding a few tiny house plants around the open space to give it a clean, green feel. The great part of open space is that it adds to the aesthetics without having to spend heavily on furniture and decor!

  • Cleaner Air

    If you live in a home with older parents and young kids, having an open space is crucial as it allows proper ventilation in the flat. An open space optimizes the airflow of the apartment ensuring that the apartment does not feel too constricted or suffocating. Open space also allows fresh air to come in, purifying our surroundings and the air we breathe in. As living in a city is already too congested and confining, ensuring good air circulation and ventilation through open spaces can help reduce the risk factors of diseases that are borne out of breathing in poor quality air.