Yazoo Park

Yazoo Park, Global City’s resident 12-acre amusement park: located just 10 minutes from Virar Station.

The Entrance Plaza is lavish with a Mist-Dome Fountain at its centre, and flanked by curved water cascade walls. Nothing says ‘Welcome Home’ like the front entrance of a Yazoo’s Home.

There are separate play areas for toddlers and for older children, which means kids from all ages can go ahead and just be kids.

The 10,000 sq.ft Toddlers’ Play Area includes a variety of slides, ladders, bridges, climbers, ramps, swings, see-saws, an octagonal deck, an animal merry-go-round, etc.

The 26,000 sq.ft Children’s Play Area includes a variety of slides, climbers, bridges, a bubble panel, jogging drum, crawl tube, four-seat swing arch, a hexagonal deck, an animal top merry-go-round, an FRP (fiberglass-reinforced plastic) top merry-go-round, etc.

The Yazoo Park has the following rides

  • 27m high Giant Wheel. Capacity: 72.
  • 2-bogie Free Fall. Capacity: 8
  • 3-bogie Road Train with 750m long track. Capacity: 36
  • 5-bogie Toy Train. Capacity: 20 screaming kids
  • Animal Merry-Go-Round. Capacity: 36

The Yazoo Park has the following activities

  • 3,700 sq.ft Arena with 12 Bumping Cars. Capacity: 2 each
  • Mini-Amphitheater. Capacity: 200
  • Musical fountain and a Lazer Show Amphitheater: Capacity: 1,200. (Each show is about 15-20 minutes long.)
5,500 sq.ft Prayer Area, where you can choose to spend a quiet moment inside a Jodhpur stone temple, or relax in any of the swings surrounding the prayer area.

A 35,000 sq.ft park for kids of all ages to relax and take a stroll along the lawn.

The 15,000 sq.ft floating restaurant situated in the midst of a water-body with fog fountains on all 4 sides, giving it the effect of being set inside a cloud. Capacity: 190

Besides the 12 food counters at the floating restaurant, there are several more spread across the Yazoo park. There are 9 below the Musical fountain amphitheater, (for a quick snack after the Musical Fountain and Laser Show), and another 6 near the Merry-Go-Round area.

2 Multipurpose halls—3400 sq.ft & 2600 sq.ft—for parties and gatherings of all kinds.

700 sq.ft office area near the Lawn Park.

3,500 sq.ft Game Zone below the Mini-Amphitheater with the latest videogames and other high-tech recreation.

Each water body - including fountains - will be equipped with fountain bubblers, in addition to filtration tanks and RO Purifiers.

The access points to and from the Yazoo Park have been carefully planned, with the entry and exit at opposite ends. There is also a separate service entry.

The Yazoo Park features high-tech CCTV surveillance and public announcement systems at multiple locations for your family’s security.

The lighting at the Yazoo Park has been specially designed and customized to suit the park’s theme.

Different varieties of trees, flowers, hedges and vines have been planted in the Yazoo Park to suit its theme.